My Next Thing...

August 2020

I recently concluded my last week at Reboot, the company I co-founded six years ago with Jerry Colonna, Ali Schultz and Dan Putt. I’m going to go back into private practice and will also be working on my next endeavor, a company at the intersection of coaching and leadership that I’ve been thinking about, and experimenting with, for the past several years.

Coaching is and always will be my Main Thing. I have always believed that part of becoming a great coach is pushing myself to the edge of my comfort zone and doing things that seem crazy or hard or both, just like I coach my clients to do.

The last time I challenged my comfort zone was when Jerry invited me to join him, Ali and Dan in co-founding Reboot. I was happy being a coach in private practice, so I initially declined the invitation. Then Jerry said to me the now famous words “Shouldn’t we try and build the type of organization we coach our clients to build, just to make sure we are not full of shit?”At that moment I knew I had to do the thing that seemed uncomfortable at the time. (I am an introvert so joining others is always uncomfortable). Now, six years after we formed Reboot, I can say honestly that we have built the type of organization we coach our clients to build.

As I have observed the shifts in business, the workplace, and family-and-work life (accelerated by Covid-19 and lockdowns), I keep coming back to questions and ambitions I have been carrying for many years on the intersection of the needs of organizations and the needs of individuals. I feel strongly that the time to start my next thing is now. The paraphrased, but direct version, of “If not now, when?”

I’m graduating from Reboot. I’m leaving what will always be family and setting forth to begin my next venture, my next adventure. The project I’ve been imagining for the past six years, along with my coaching, will be my focus. The majority of my days will still be spent one on one with clients, the work that I have known and loved for the last decade. What is changing is the rest of my time will be spent building something new that I know needs to exist in the world.

The new company is called Anthrolitics. I will announce the details of the project later this year. If you want to keep up-to-date with me and Anthrolitics as it launches you can sign-up below.


Khalid Halim | CEO + Founder
Anthrolitics Institute |

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